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Divinity Healing Arts



Divinity Healing Arts offers a therapeutic deep tissue massage experience based in holistic healing. Each session provides enormous physical relief as well as energetic clearing and alignment to bring a sense of grounding and lightness into the physical and emotional body. 

These sessions are a beautiful ritual and awakening for all of the senses. You will find yourself dropped into a quiet and calming space as I work to alleviate muscular and spiritual tensions. 

I often work with women going through transitional moments such as:

*Clearing through a stagnant period of life

* Increasing fertility

*Releasing physical/emotional blockages

* Grieving processes'

*Trauma release 

*Preparations for next levels of love and/or abundance

*Maintenance of personal strength and awareness


**Please see the booking page for more information 


It would be an honor to work with you,


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